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Photography Equipment

1. Seagull DF, my first film camera made in China when I was 24 years old, but not often played and gave up at last after two years. It still can work now and one day I'll make use of it again. Now it is in China!
2. Nikon E4600, my first DC in 2004, often used at that time and many wonderful photos were taken in East Africa & Europe in 2005.
3. Nikon D80, my first DSLR in 2006, always 'tortured' it in many places around the world, and it really gave me much pleasure. Great pity it passed away in 2010 in Yellowstone Park, USA.
4. Canon Powershot SX1 IS, my second DC in 2008, often in my hands for some experimental photos. It dropped into a pool one day in 2010, 'dead' for a week but surprisingly regained its consciousness after one week!!!
5. Plan to have one more new camera, DC or DSLR, but very limited products in Barbados, no more choices for the time being.
6. A Nikon S8100 was bought in Barbados in March 2011 before I left it for China.

So, only Nikon S8100 and Canon Powershot SX1 IS and Nikon E4600 follow me now. Misfortune degrades my DSLR times to DC times! ^_:::::
However, as regards photography, the most important is what I can see and what I can do and what I want, whatever appliance or instrument is not the pivotal!
Enjoy my life, develop my idea, in photography! ^_^